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We Put Pete Evans' Paleo Diet And Dairy Claims To A Clinical Dietitian

The MKR host has been slammed for promoting unscientific, extreme health advice.

Celebrity chef Pete Evans has sat down with Seven's Sunday Night program to "share the truth" about his Paleo lifestyle and his health advice on diet, calcium and fluoride.

To an audience of 1.4 million people, the long-time My Kitchen Rules host was ready to face the "media lies" and critics, to which the Australian medical community fired back.

Pete Evans does an amazing job in his own field. But the concern is because he isn't trained in any nutritional science, he doesn't have the knowledge to be administering this kind of health advice. And a lot of it isn't backed by evidence.Melanie McGrice, clinical dietitian

"I think that Pete should stick to pearl couscous and the scientists can stick to pertussis," Australian Medical Association President Dr Michael Gannon said on Monday.

"He is an opinion leader ... and when it comes to some of his comments about nutrition and about important dietary sources of calcium, he needs to be more responsible."

The Paleo diet is a Paleoithic-era-inspired diet that excludes all grains, dairy, refined sugar, salt, processed oils, alcohol and coffee -- and it is one that he and his family exclusively live by.

When asked about the evidence behind his controversial claims, Evans said he didn't need it.

"What do you need a qualification for? To talk common sense? Why do you have to study something that is outdated, that is industry backed, that is biased, that is not getting the results? That would be insane to study something you're going to waste your time with. That's just crazy," Evans said.

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