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What Time Will The Marriage Equality Survey Result Be Announced?

When, how and what was announced on Wednesday.
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The results of the same-sex marriage survey are in -- and it's a resounding 'yes'.

After weeks of campaigning, months of planning and years debate, Australia is now as close to marriage equality as it has ever been.

On Wednesday, the Australian Bureau of Statistics revealed that a majority of Australians voted yes to the reform.

Here's everything you need to know.

When was the gay marriage vote announced?

The ABS announced the marriage equality survey results at 10am (AEDT) on Wednesday; 9.30am in Adelaide, and 7am in Perth. The Australian Statistician, David Kalisch, announced the result at a media conference in Canberra, broadcast live on TV.

The ABS said "the detailed results and quality report will be published on the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey website".

How can I access the same-sex marriage vote results?

Kalisch announced the overall result at the 10am press conference, but further detailed information was released online. The ABS advised it will publish:

  • A count of responses (Yes, No and Response Not Clear) by Federal Electoral Division, State/Territory and National;
  • A count of eligible Australians who have not participated;
  • A participation rate by age and gender for each FED, State/Territory and National.

The age participation rate will be published in the age groups of 18-19 years, 20-24 years, 25-29 years, 30-34 years, 35-39 years, 40-44 years, 45-49 years, 50-54 years, 55-59 years, 60-64 years, 65-69 years, 70-74 years, 75-79 years, 80-84 years, and 85+ years.

However, the results to the survey will not broken down by vote according to age or gender, due to the anonymous nature of the survey.

"The answer to the survey question is anonymous – the ABS will not be able to provide a count of Yes, No and Response Not Clear by age or gender," the ABS said.

Where will information about the results be available?

The results will be broadcast live on major TV networks, while detailed information breakdowns will be available on the ABS website.

Where can I watch the same sex marriage announcement?

Either on TV, online (HuffPost Australia will be publishing the results live) or at one of numerous viewing parties around the country organised by the yes campaign.

The Equality Campaign has organised several large events in capital cities, in Sydney (where HuffPost Australia will be reporting from) Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Canberra, while many more small community events have been organised around the country. For more information and locations, see The Equality Campaign's website.

What happens now Australia has voted 'yes' to gay marriage?

The marriage equality process will then return to Canberra, and require the parliament to agree to allow same-sex marriage. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has promised that, in the event of a yes vote, his government "will facilitate a private member's Bill to make same-sex marriage legal before the end of the year." Most of the parliament has promised to vote yes on any parliamentary vote if the result is yes -- some 70 percent in both houses of parliament, according to the ABC -- so any legislation should easily pass.

However, around 30 percent of the politicians in both houses either failed to tell the ABC their voting intention or said they had reservations about legalising same-sex marriage, while seven MPs including Bob Katter, Kevin Andrews and Cory Bernardi flat out said they would vote no even if the entire country voted yes.

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