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Parents Are Horrified By This Baby Shower Cake, So Could You Eat It?

We’ve come across plenty of baby shower cakes that graphically depict the birth of a baby, but that’s not the only unappetising choice for the celebration.

A Mumsnet user came across a photo of what looks like a soiled nappy cake and was so disgusted that she felt the need to share it with other parents.

“I’m wondering who the fuck would order this cake?” she wrote on Mumsnet on 28 September. “Now I like a joke as much as the next person, I even find those kids’ toys that poo and fart marginally funny.

“But this has to be one of the nastiest cakes I’ve seen!”


The cake seems to be an unfolded soiled nappy with the word “baby” written across the front - and we don’t even want to think what the faeces is made of to make it edible.

“That cake is repugnant,” one person wrote.

Another commented: “Christ on a crumpet! That’s an abomination.”


Others were more concerned that the soiled nappy didn’t look realistic, with one writing: “The poo isn’t very accurate.”

Another commented: “I don’t mind the birth cakes so much for some reason. Or more solid-looking poo. I think it’s the runniness that makes me sick.”

Another wrote: “That should come with some kind of warning.”

The creator of the cake, Hana Thurston, from the US, got in touch with HuffPost UK to let us know it was something she made for her sister’s baby shower.

“I had no idea my sister’s baby shower cake would become such a hot, steamy topic,” she told us. “That is awesome. According to all the comments online, all over the world, I guess I make shitty cakes.”

Her partner, Jason Thurston, told HuffPost UK they were discussing how she should start a cake business, so he secretly posted a bunch of photos on Facebook to get the word out. See more of Thurston’s cakes here.

What do you think? Could you eat a slice of that cake?

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