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You've Been Eating Pringles Wrong This Whole Time

With their curved shape, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’re meant to eat Pringles by allowing your tongue to connect like a perfect puzzle piece on the concaved side.

But it turns out, most of us are eating Pringles upside down.

According to Kellogg’s, who make the crisps, to get the best flavour out of your Pringles you need to flip them over.

Speaking to, a Kellogg’s spokesperson explained the thinking behind the unconventional eating method.

“Many people think that Pringles are seasoned on both sides,” they explained.

“In fact, only the top side gets a sprinkling of seasoning in the factory.

“When Pringles are stacked in their can, some of the seasoning rubs off onto the next chip – which is why they’ve always been a little uneven.”

In other words, the majority of the delicious salty flavouring is on the top of the crips, so to experience maximum flavour, this is the area you should put against your tongue.

Nothing has boggled our minds this much since we found out we were cooking rice the wrong way.

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