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2020 election

Former President Donald Trump still denies that he lied when he riled up supporters by claiming the election was stolen.
Trump's bait-and-switch ads cited the need to contest his election loss and for the GOP to hold the Senate as he sought funds for his “leadership” PAC.
The Senate leader was assured by Jared Kushner that the former president would "bow to reality" and concede, according to the report.
The Republican senator hit back at ABC News' George Stephanopoulos for debunking Trump's baseless voter fraud claims.
As Trump backs down from his “Stop the Steal” hoax, the supporters he radicalised are vowing to carry on the fight without him.
The president is very unhappy with his personal attorney, The Washington Post reported.
Up to 15,000 troops are expected to arrive in Washington, DC, amid threats of violence leading up to Inauguration Day.
"I want no violence," Trump said as he plainly threatened more.
US lawmakers returned to the Capitol building hours after pro-Trump mobs had stormed the building.
She wished her brother Eric Trump a happy birthday as their father's supporters were rioting inside the US Capitol.
The president-elect called for Trump to deliver a nationally televised address decrying violence from his supporters trying to overturn the election.
The 33-year-old Democrat defeated the incumbent GOP senator in a race that had national attention.
He vowed to "personally work" against members of his own party who don't support the president's attempt to overturn the election.
The CNN anchor mocked the president's desperate pleading with Georgia's secretary of state to "find" him votes.
"I think we’re leaving the world safer than when we came in," the secretary of state told Bloomberg.
Republicans "NEVER FORGET!" Trump raged at Cotton, a possible 2024 presidential contender.
The president told the state's top election official that there's "nothing wrong" with saying the final vote count has been "recalculated.”
The Georgia Democratic Senate candidate told viewers the two Republicans "have blatantly used their offices to enrich themselves."