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2020 US Elections

After four years of the most anti-woman president in recent history, repealing the global gag rule is just the start for the Biden administration.
It was the wife of a late World War II veteran who voted, not the veteran.
The Australian graffiti artist depicted the CNN reporter's controversial comments in an artwork outside a Sydney pub.
President-elect Biden faces key staffing decisions in the days ahead.
Social media erupts in celebration as Democrat wins presidency, booting Donald Trump out of the White House.
To pull off a historic election victory, Biden had to overcome an increasingly anti-democratic process.
In the 2020 presidential election, the California senator leaned into the intersection of her identities and just made history.
With a victory in Pennsylvania, Joe Biden secured his win over Donald Trump, the first U.S. president to lose reelection in 28 years.
The Democrat presidential candidate makes confident address as he leads in the key battleground states, including Pennsylvania.
The 'Today' host was analysing the president's latest viral video.
Joe Biden is due to speak at 12 pm AEST as Donald Trump's path to victory narrows.
Election night 2020 will be different. And watching the election results from Australia will be different, too.
It's still possible a winner will be known on election night, despite the shift to mail-in and absentee ballots due to Coronavirus.
When will the election be over? Well, there's a chance we won't know who's won for days, or even weeks.
Here's when and how to follow Election Day as America decides on Donald Trump or Joe Biden.
His reelection campaign has not rejected or returned campaign contributions from multiple well-known far-right bigots, FEC records show.
Separating migrant children from their parents. Using the presidency to line his pockets. Encouraging conspiracy theories.
Trump recently slammed the NBC journalist as 'terrible and unfair'.
Donald Trump staged a remarkable comeback in the closing days of the 2016 campaign and believes he can do so again.
After Trump's take on the 'YMCA' went viral, Kamala Harris showed off some moves of her own.