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Marta C González was a prima ballerina in the 1960s, where she played the lead role, Odette.
WASHINGTON — There are no proven ways to stave off Alzheimer's, but a new report raises the prospect that avoiding nine key
More than 1.2 million people in England and Wales will have dementia by 2040, new research suggests. People are living longer
Scientists have found that doses of a drug designed to treat epilepsy, also has a benefit in restoring normal brain activity
At The Restaurant Of Order Mistakes, which opened in Tokyo, Japan, earlier this month, customers expect their order to come
Diet could be a powerful mode of prevention, according to a study that supports previous research findings.
Alzheimer’s is synonymous with memory loss ― an affliction most of us struggle to wrap our heads around. But the disease
Pills to prevent cognitive decline are in the works. Here’s the latest—plus, some tips for staying sharp until they’re on the market.
Tragically, my mother no longer has memories. My mother, my Mum, has Alzheimer’s.
In people with Alzheimer’s disease, a new investigational drug can dramatically reduce the amount of amyloid beta plaque