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animal rescue

The bird presumably lived in the tree for over a week without anyone noticing.
Grandpa Mason earned thousands of admirers through his affection for orphaned foster kittens.
After breaking free on a New Jersey highway, Brianna is starting over at Skylands Animal Sanctuary.
The youngsters' tails were knotted together with long grasses and plastic strips their mom had used for their nest.
There's an urban myth that staffys are not a great family pet.
California has banned pet stores from selling cats, dogs and rabbits unless they work with shelters or rescue groups to supply
And it was found that Hank was innocent of the crime. Hank was actually trying to protect Fuzzy Purple Hippo, and he was
The documentry highlights the Ohio law that requires wildlife to be killed if they are found to be orphaned.
The animals were crammed into tiny, tightly-packed cages before their release.
Bella the cat is either very lucky or very unlucky, depending on how you look at it.
What a friend.
People on Twitter are eating the pictures up like they’re catnip: Who knew a sock could be such haute cat-ture? Pictures
'Please don't spray me. I'm not gonna hurt you.'
The pup got her head stuck in a hole while searching for food.
All he needed was a helping paw... and some cooking grease.
Way too many people are "rescuing" baby animals that don't need rescuing.