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Animal Welfare

Grandpa Mason earned thousands of admirers through his affection for orphaned foster kittens.
“Please take care of Sky,” began the handwritten letter discovered by the Delaware Humane Association.
A Florida dairy farm is under criminal investigation after an undercover video from an animal rights group revealed workers
A man has reportedly been crushed to death after trying to take a selfie with an elephant in India.  The man, who has been
Thousands of vegans are expected to march through London on Saturday “demanding an end to all animal oppression”. Activists
It's been well documented that elephants at tourism venues will have almost certainly endured a lifetime of abuse.
The factory behind the problem has been shut down.
It's bad news for declining ocean stocks, as well as animal welfare.
Tinder has some strong words for people who post profile photos with tigers: Stop posting them. The photos are so ubiquitous
A graphic video that shows a bull careening into a wooden post and killing itself after its horns were set ablaze at a recent
Three in four elephants in tourist venues across Asia are living in unacceptable welfare conditions.
The sweet kitties were left behind by previous owners who had moved house without them.
The animals were crammed into tiny, tightly-packed cages before their release.
It has been reported that Fandino stumbled after tripping on a cape used in a turn to engage and distract the bull. The animal
It's known as "cat heaven," but reality is a little more complicated.
“Until recently, I avoided using fake [leather] because it never looked luxurious enough,” McCartney told The Guardian.  “I
'These tigers are doomed,' says big cat welfare activist Susan Bass.
A routine vet check revealed Molly, a sweet-natured Kelpie mix, had been heartlessly shot.
Almost every year, bloody images of the Faroe Islands’ grindadráp are splashed across newspapers, with the practise damned