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As my diet became more and more restrictive, my body shrunk and so did my world.
Another way to mitigate consequences is to offer resources after the program. “13 Reasons Why” offered bonus material with
Sad Girls Club is an account run by 27-year-old Elyse Fox (pictured above) to support other young women with depression.  The
When regular eating becomes disordered eating -- it's more common than we think.
The singer opened up about her struggles in a new interview with The New York Times magazine.
For more than 15 years of my life I battled with this double-edged sword. On the one hand, I felt disgusted to be labelled an Anorexic (what a pathetic waste of space). Yet there was a part of me that harboured a perverse pleasure at being skinny enough to garner the label.
When I was 16 years old, I was diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa. This morning I woke up a balanced, happy 22-year-old. But I was devastated when I read about the potential closure of Australia's only dedicated national eating disorder support helpline, The Butterfly Foundation.
De Haas founded and now runs Clean Treats, with her bliss balls and slices stocked around the country. She has also moved
Last year was hard and some days, if I'm being honest, I still struggle. There were days where I felt like chucking in the towel. Recovery felt too hard. It was too different from what I was used to. If there is one thing I can pinpoint that prevented me from giving up, it was the example set by my best friend.
I'm sorry for all the years that I punished you. I'm sorry that, five years ago, I looked in the mirror and wanted to change you. You hadn't even finished developing yet. I didn't give you the chance to grow and flourish on your own. I intervened. In the worst possible way.