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And it's contributing to the rise of deadly superbugs and antimicrobial resistance.
An antibiotic used to treat a rare and deadly lung disease could be a lifesaver for adults with severe asthma, a ground-breaking
Australian health authorities are warning the world faces a post-antibiotic era where simple childhood illnesses could again
Let kids roll, but also give them a healthy diet.
The U.N. is convening a landmark meeting this week on antibiotic resistance, but scientists are concerned the action may be too late.
The association was stronger if patients received antibiotics more than once.
Two superbug cases have thwarted last-resort antibiotics so far.
Parents wanting antibiotics to aid their children's ear infections may no longer be able to get prescriptions easily after
People across the world are alarmingly confused about the role of antibiotics and the right way to take them, and this ignorance