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I have Alopecia. I am at peace with who I am. If you aren't that's okay. Keep swiping.
We’re one step closer to seeing morehair colors and types represented on the emoji keyboard. Pairs of white-haired, curly
There ­IS life after hair. It doesn’t involve shampoo, but that doesn’t make it unconditional.
I lost my hair young -- in my early twenties. When I tell people, they often react as if I've told them the love of my life died on our honeymoon. I did finally shave my head on our honeymoon, after hopelessly trying to convince myself that my wife wouldn't notice my thinning hairline just long enough to marry me.
It's almost 100 percent genetic, but there are successful treatments available.
While researching for a story, we came across a very frightening statement made by GQ in their explainer on hair loss. In