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Bashar Assad

The Assad regime and the rebels are using people’s hunger to advance their own interests.
The Trump administration appears divided on whether the U.S. is pursuing a policy of regime change in Syria, days after the
Meanwhile, many of the millions of displaced Syrians are living in dire conditions.
Syrian President Bashar Assad declared his government’s takeover of the embattled city Aleppo a “success” during a triumphant
There is great concern over the plight of thousands of civilians in Aleppo, where the conditions were characterized as a “complete meltdown of humanity” by the UN.
A barrel bomb killed a family of six in rebel-held eastern Aleppo early on Sunday and rebel shelling killed eight children
The latest strikes come 10 days into a Russian-backed Syrian government offensive.
'This is a state led by a medical doctor and yet is believed to have gassed its own people.'
As Muslims around the world celebrated Eid al Adha on Monday by praying, visiting loved ones and helping the less fortunate
Despite the fact that a ceasefire was supposed to begin Monday night.