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"Is there such a thing as boxed beer, and if not, why not"
It technically translates into "feather," but is far more commonly used to refer to pubic hair.
On Monday, Coors Light dropped off 150 cans of beer to Olive Veronesi's house in Seminole, Pennsylvania.
People are calling him “the Australian version of Scrooge McDuck.”
t's one of the most storied days on Australia's sporting calendar.
Just in case you needed another excuse to get on the beers tonight.
Note to self: switch to Hobgoblin.
You'd better know what you're looking for before walking into the beer section of a liquor store or sidle up to a bar. The
It's 2pm on a Sunday. The 'beer buffet' at a Gurgaon brewery has just started to pick up pace. A dozen people are hovering
You know when you're enjoying a nice cold beer and think, "Man, the only thing that would make this better is if it were
On the Aurosa website, Smirova says the beer is “designed for the ladies”. “Aurosa #BeerForHer was created to support, encourage
Whether you're a lover of lager or more of a cask ale critic, you know when it is beer o'clock. And that anyone who suggests
A pub seemingly operating on pure magic may be coming soon to some tucked-away spot on a London street ― but only if enough
And people are actually buying them.
Clearly the U.S. President has not endorsed this particular beer.
And Bob Hawke can drink three in that time.
West Australian MP Andrew Hastie has issued a stinging rebuke to the "progressive left" and the Coopers brewery, after an