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bill Shorten

Prime Minister Scott Morrison thinks that the sails are a great billboard.
It's the deadliest terrorist attack in the country's modern history.
The PM says there is "no place for joking about violence against women".
It's a political reboot, but will it 'keep the wolves from the door?'
When, how and what was announced on Wednesday.
Former NSW premier and Sky News TV host will stand for election.
It's a rushed fix for the section 44 citizenship fiasco engulfing parliament.
There's a wall of calls for an audit of parliamentarians, but the PM says no.
But Labor and Greens say the minister's position is "untenable".
"This investigation is not into Mr Shorten - it is into the AWU."
Labor is now accusing the Liberal Minister of misleading parliament.
The Labor Leader says police raids on his old union are part of an old smear campaign.
The investigation dates back to when Bill Shorten was the union's chief.
Brendan O'Connor lashed out at the PM following raids on the Australian Workers' Union.
A 10-year-old photo has landed a staffer of Labor leader Bill Shorten in hot water.