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The Danish company is testing AI software that translates its toys' visual building instructions into braille and audio for visually-impaired Lego enthusiasts. The company collaborated with Matthew Shifrin, whose family friend would translate building instructions into braille for him. After her death, Shifrin decided to make the instructions accessible to others, eventually leading to the collaboration with Lego.
People who don’t need Braille don’t tend to know a huge amount about how it works. Its system of raised dots can seem quite
Microsoft has launched a new app that describes everything around you, in real time.
This determined little doggo loves what he does.
Twitter users were quick to mock his suggestion, with one person replying, “You tell, em, Joey. Look right at that sun. You’ll
Every one of the 1.7 million Australians with diabetes is at risk of losing their sight.
Four out of five of the world's blind people don't need to be.
"I didn't have any skills. I had to learn everything again."