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We spoke with four food bloggers to get the scoop about their earnings, as well as the costs associated with their work.
December hits and it's officially "holiday season." This also means the onslaught of party invites and the dreaded office
Pinch of Yum is a successful food blog. But just how successful monetarily? It’s a question we all wonder about food blogs
Tony Jones spent a lot of time in the naughty corner last year. So he must be happy that the editorial review of the program found it to be "a responsible, professional production" overall. Of course, there were still a few issues and recommendations.
For long periods of last weekend's much-hyped clash between the Victory and Sydney, the Big Blue threatened to become the
Working from home is great. I can take mornings off to go to BodyCombat, I don't have to attend any staff meetings, I never have to hear anyone say "Can you action this ASAP?" and I can't get the sack. Also, my office is active-wear friendly. So it's a perfect situation. Except in the school holidays...
Small children are egocentric. Most people grow out of this kind of behaviour. They come to understand that partaking in discussions is really quite straightforward, and often enjoyable. But others, like pool man and my housemate, just don't get it.
Teenagers are great cultural milestones. Through them, we can see how technology and other trends have changed over the years. Take the example of an early morning rush for the bus...
I'm not proud of it, but the concepts of 'renewal' and 'recovery' felt so foreign that my body wanted to reject them in the same violent way it rejected goji berries when I tried (read: failed) to get on-board the 'superfood' bandwagon. But the science of energy management just made so much sense.