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Body Image

The "Quantico" alum said the assessment left her feeling "small and stunned."
The reality star worried people would “judge” her and teammate Sefa by the “colour of our skin”.
One doesn’t have to be a public figure to be subjected to the kind of hatred or scrutiny Holliday has experienced.
"There’s always a question of, 'What do you want us to retouch, and what do you want us to take out?' And I said, 'Nothing,'" Graham told People magazine.
It’s bad enough to live with systemic racism without having to reckon with this destructive enemy within our community.
"When I read that Chrissy Teigen recently had her breast implants removed, I was inspired to google images of my own tits."
More anxiety, social media and alone time during the coronavirus pandemic can take a toll on your body image.
The 18-year-old singer addressed “assumptions about people based on their size” in a speech to kick off her world tour.
From your hair and nails to your boobs and belly button – these changes may happen when you're expecting.
Melbourne's Dr Preeya Alexander wrote an open letter to the US reality star after she said she'd like to reach her ‘goal weight’ before her 40th birthday.
"I’ve learnt to appreciate my body for what it is – strong and resilient."
A comment like this is backhanded ― an insult disguised as a compliment.
Twenty-two women share what they love, what they hate and what they wish everyone understood about living with large breasts.
The four-time Grammy winner vowed to change his outlook after having “starved myself for weeks” before earlier photo shoots.
Up-and-coming model Taylor Tak wants to be the Ashley Graham of South Korea.
Goodbye, angels; hello, absolute badasses.  Just days after the hotly debated Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show paraded its
Speaking to HuffPost UK, Milly explained that she was diagnosed with stage 4 cervical cancer a few months ago after being
Founder of the hashtag #SelfLoveClub, Milly Smith posts about body-positivity, mental health and chronic illness, shining
No, I'm not giving birth to a baby whale.