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body shaming

She danced in underwear while taking a swipe at a stranger who called her a "fat pig".
Fans of the “Ocean Eyes” singer defended her after a hater criticised the way she looked in a paparazzi photo posted on Twitter.
Photographer Anastasia Garcia created the #MyQuarantineBody campaign to spread a message of empowerment and kindness.
"I've repeatedly been mistaken for my date’s child and regularly asked if I'm old enough to sit in an airplane’s exit row."
The singer hit back at an "inaccurate" article about her appearance at the Met Gala with John Mayer.
The model’s quirky video post over the weekend led internet trolls to make negative remarks about her body, but she responded with her usual positivity.
Graham hinted at who the model might be during an interview with Naomi Campbell.
The 18-year-old singer is hitting back at trolls who criticise what she chooses to wear.
The 18-year-old singer addressed “assumptions about people based on their size” in a speech to kick off her world tour.
The actress recalled an interviewer repeatedly asking about her “tremendous size.”
Many called the Victoria's Secret model a "skeleton" and "too thin."
She’s ignoring the haters and choosing to “take care of herself.”
No, I'm not giving birth to a baby whale.
A model has issued a rallying call telling women not to accept people commenting on their size, saying: “our bodies are no
“I hate it when men think that fat girls are desperate and that we like every other guy because ‘we don’t have options’."
If we continue to use the term, we are failing victims, and should be ashamed of ourselves.
The reaction to Usher's latest accuser reveals how deep society's negative beliefs about fat women go.
The LPGA's idea of what's par for the course does not match society's.
Squad nights are supposed to be fun. This squad night turned ugly, however.  People Magazine reports that after posting the
The singer responded with a star-spangled spank-down. Check it out right here:  Kelly Clarkson just declared her independence