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Border Security

Terror suspects, drug traffickers and organised crime figures were intercepted.
Reid had been held in the Buffalo Federal Detention Facility for two weeks.
Baxter Reid, 26, was travelling to Canada with his American girlfriend.
It's a false assumption that Australia has passed the worst phase of its refugee challenge.
U.S. presidential candidates on Tuesday morning reacted to the deadly attacks that rocked the city of Brussels, killing or
Australia's unwillingness to commit to maritime border negotiations with Timor-Leste has raised valid questions about our commitment to a rules-based international system and to being a good global citizen.
People in vulnerable situations need sanctuary, and governments that proclaim adherence to liberal and democratic values ought to provide it. Clearly conditions in Nauru and Manus fail to do this.
If Immigration Minister Peter Dutton decides to send asylum seekers back to the Nauru detention facility, despite the growing reports of traumatic conditions there, he risks creating a perception that Australia relies on inhumane conditions as part of its deterrence strategy. And relying on such measures may appear tantamount to condoning them.
A number of doctors have said plainly that detention on Nauru constituted child abuse. No-one familiar with the basics of the system could disagree. Turnbull had a choice: he could deliberately, knowingly send children to a situation amounting to child abuse, or he could begin to recast Australia's shameful refugee detention system.
It's a truism that, regardless of your position on the issue, writing about racial profiling and law enforcement is controversial. One colleague recently went so far as to describe it to me as career suicide. But it's the very fact that racial profiling is an emotional topic which drives the need for more informed public debate and dialogue on its application in border security.