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Multiple cities announced additional curfews on Sunday as US President Trump urged local governments to call in the National Guard.
Matthew and Berend Hollander, who were holidaying with their parents, moved to Sydney from Chicago six years ago.
The "Lucid Dreams" rapper died in a hospital after experiencing a seizure in Chicago's Midway airport, according to reports.
The president was in town for a closed-door fundraiser and a speech to the International Association of Chiefs of Police.
The R&B singer had been charged on nearly two dozen other counts related to sexual abuse and assault earlier this year.
Chicago police are looking for more evidence of the alleged incident that left the “Empire” actor bruised and shaken.
The female public defenders at Cook County Jail are dealing with an unimaginably hostile work environment.
Yeezy brought the house down when he joined Kid Cudi in Chicago.
It was the first round of the day when the South Korean cuber suddenly became a hero.
Twitter users were quick to mock his suggestion, with one person replying, “You tell, em, Joey. Look right at that sun. You’ll
The new policies are part of a broader plan to "improve customer experience."
He wants to help them "to take up the baton and to take their own crack at changing the world."
No one will lose their job over an incident which saw a United Airlines passenger violently dragged from a plane, the carrier’s
United Airlines agents were "left with no choice" but to call security officers to remove a "disruptive and belligerent" passenger
If Skyslides and drop rides make you gulp, then you won’t want to see this. The owners of Chicago’s Willis Tower are mulling
Alex Spourdalakis was 14 when his mother and godmother decided to kill him. The women tried to poison the boy, who had autism
'We never lost hope,' an uncle in Chicago says.
These two dads were strangers, but quickly became friends.
CHICAGO ― Federal investigators have found the Chicago Police Department routinely violated civil rights of citizens, according