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Poultry slime isn't fun for anyone, but does a rinse eliminate bacteria? Here's how to handle meat safely.
There are also farms cut off from vital supplies like animal feed, a state official said.
As of Tuesday, 646 of the fast-food chain’s restaurants remain closed — and people aren’t taking it well.
Roo the rooster is recovering with a little help from the chair.
This method is easy and stress-free.
Do we eat the chickens that lay our eggs? It’s not a dumb question to ask, and the answer might surprise you. Unless you’ve
Definitely don't thaw out chicken on the kitchen bench.
Checking the colour isn't the best way.
No oven? No time to roast? No worries! This easy recipe will give you a perfectly cooked, juicy chicken in a fraction of the time it takes to roast. All you need is a large pot (oh, and don't forget the chicken).