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Hundreds of children are not back to full health after Covid. Their parents feel helpless.
Kids whose families believe they are possessed are at risk of abuse – and safeguarding figures only show the tip of the iceberg, say experts.
And how to keep them from blowing it for their friends and siblings.
"If you want to piss off a toddler just tell him he’s tired."
"My daughter isn’t even sure why she’s throwing a tantrum but she’s pretty sure it will help."
"I tell my toddler to 'ask nicely' and instead of saying please he whispers his demands and I'm not even sure that he's wrong."
"What wine pairs well with Common Core math?"
"Flex on your kids by calling your new dinner recipe 'Ew, Disgusting' before they do."
The comedian and 'Patriot Act' host and his wife have a toddler and an infant at home.
The good news is that parents can teach children essential skills like empathy and gratitude.
Three in 10 Black families are struggling to feed their children, and there's no sign of relief in sight.
Experts share advice for parents navigating issues of racism and white privilege.
Some children are left waiting much longer to be adopted than others – three families share their stories.
"The kids report cards are coming out today so I'm excited to see how I did."
The author's latest story and project for kids is perfect for bored families in lockdown.
Their lives have been turned upside down by the COVID-19 pandemic. How long will that stick with them?
Solo parenting can be lonely and frightening, particularly for those working on the NHS frontline. Acts of kindness make all the difference.
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