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In Australia, there is an opportunity to use City Deals to incentivise collaboration across local government and also with the states and territories to maximise the economic potential of our cities. This would also ensure City Deals were adding growth to an area, not simply shifting it from somewhere else.
Cities have grown at such a rapid pace in the last few decades, it’s easy to forget that the world has been urbanizing for
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has unveiled an ambitious funding plan to build "30 minute cities," where residents can access
There is no doubt that governments have it within their power to make real improvements to urban Australia -- changes that will not only boost their economic productivity but also enhance the quality of life of millions of Australians. All it requires is the political will to work together.
Inequality in Australia is at a 75-year high. This is not evenly distributed around the nation. The pattern is different between cities, and also within them. Increasingly, place matters: where you live is shaping how you live.
Attention, Singaporeans: If your wallet feels lighter than it used to, there's a good reason for it. Through no fault of
London, Paris, New York... the three giants of the travel world that most of us will have on the bucket list. There is a reason millions of people will continue to return time and time again.
It shouldn't be a matter of political point scoring. We are talking about a central plank of our productivity challenge and about liveability for the great majority of Australians. It's a matter of urgency for Mr Turnbull to start fixing this mess he inherited.