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"The word bears no resemblance to anything the former president was about," the CNN anchor said of a typo on a key document defending Trump.
The 25-year host of CNN's "Larry King Live" had been hospitalised after contracting COVID-19.
Audio of the president trying to persuade a Georgia official to change election results is "the ultimate smoking gun tape," the Watergate journalist said.
Daniel Dale told the president's eldest son that "it’s just objective and obvious fact" that Donald Trump is "a staggeringly incessant liar."
“Is it hypocritical to accuse others of spreading disinformation when you spread it every day?” the journalist asked the White House press secretary.
It's the Duchess of Sussex's first public appearance following her essay saying she experienced a miscarriage.
Kate Bolduan wore a custom sweater from Lingua Franca with the network's tagline emblazoned across the chest.
“The feeling that I have is kind of like what a drunk driver would have if they killed their family,” Tony Green said after hosting an event that led to multiple infections.
Dr Megan Ranney told CNN that the steroid dexamethasone can cause "mental health side effects." She also called some of Trump's behaviour "concerning."
CNN's Brianna Keilar repeatedly fact checked Mercedes Schlapp's apparent attempts to villainize mail-in voting.