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A judge will decide on Thursday whether to accept Cassie Sainsbury's plea deal to cut her jail time.
The National Ice Taskforce illustrated the type of strategic thinking that should be congratulated.
Police officers allegedly found approximately 2 kilograms of cocaine in her luggage.
The lawyer for accused Australian drug mule Cassandra Sainsbury says they are desperately searching for the man who allegedly
They say they were tipped off that the Adelaide woman would be carrying cocaine.
The Adelaide personal trainer says she was set up by a man she had just met.
I'm on a quest to interview some of the world’s greatest minds to imagine what a post-war-on-drugs world might look like in our own country.
They're worried about 'bath salts', but more people are abusing 'hillbilly heroin'.
A man who police described as “busting out of his pants” was arrested at a New York City airport on Friday when officers