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People in Colombia painted the town of Sutamarchan red at the weekend by taking part in a giant tomato-throwing festival. The traditional “Tomatina” celebrates the end of harvest, and is marked by hundreds of locals and tourists pelting each other with tomatoes.
She could be out of prison in three years with good behaviour.
A judge will decide on Thursday whether to accept Cassie Sainsbury's plea deal to cut her jail time.
Former Nazi leader Adolf Hitler escaped Germany after the war and fled to Colombia where he continued to be idolised by former
The best selling author has seen some pretty wild things.
A new report affirms what many people already know: Harassment and physical abuse are preventing women around the world from
"[They] basically told me that if I didn't go through and do the job and take the package that my mum, my sister and my partner would be killed".
The 80-year-old lost his balance and bumped his head during a procession in Colombia.
Living abroad is a dream for many American travelers, especially given the current political climate. And if you need any