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constitutional recognition

"In '67 we asked to be counted. In 2017 we're asking to be heard."
Deputy PM says an Indigenous chamber in parliament could be a "self-defeating proposition".
The majority of Australia's constitutional framers believed that representative and responsible government would suffice to protect our rights (at least, if you were white). This is a proven myth, but one perpetuated today by Australia's answers to persistent international criticism over our failure to implement a bill of rights.
If we had to hand this country over to the next generation of our children right now, they would be justified in thinking that it was less a gift than a burden. That we had badly neglected our responsibility to render it fit to take its place as a modern nation in the early 21st Century. Here's why.
Although some may be upset by the trip, claiming that the PM is using Indigenous affairs as a way getting votes, this is a great step forward for the Government in addressing first-hand issues which Indigenous Australians face every day.