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There is no doubt that the Paris Summit result was a breakthrough and a significant step. But anyone who thinks that was the hard part is kidding themselves.
An historic deal has been struck at the conclusion of the Paris climate summit, with 195 nations agreeing to stronger climate
The French people gathered in their own act of defiance in the streets en masse on Sunday to protest the ban on assemblies. They called for a safe climate future, and for us not to be distracted from the urgent and high-stakes task at hand -- to secure an agreement that will keep global warming below 2 degrees.
John Howard didn't ratify it. Kevin Rudd signed it. Tony Abbott undermined it and now Malcolm Turnbull has confirmed we're
Snipes at sitting Australian Prime Ministers whenever they set foot outside the country are an unfortunate hangover of a by-gone colonial era. Australia does not sit at the top seats of global fora by chance. We deserve to be there by virtue of the fact we are a Top 20 nation.
While the outcomes of COP21 will undoubtedly impact the world's ability to significantly lower global emissions, many are unaware that a lot of the groundwork on climate action has already begun at a local level across the country.