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Trump denied it's an anti-vaccine event. Its organizers have called coronavirus vaccinations a “shot of poison."
Experts share their guidance for planning future travel at this stage of the pandemic.
High community transmission, low vaccination rates and fewer efforts to curb infections have worsened the spread of the delta variant.
The British prime minister not-so-subtly put the pressure on Jair Bolsonaro before the U.N. General Assembly.
A booster dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine produced an increased antibody response in adults from age 18 to 55, newly released data shows.
The Los Angeles plumber, who shot video of white police officers beating the Black motorist in 1991, was not vaccinated and had been on a ventilator with pneumonia.
The 45-year-old father of two had no underlying health conditions.
The unexpected second installment of the spoof awards ceremony was perhaps even grimmer than the first.
The animated short ends with a lighthearted dig at Gal Gadot's "Imagine" video from early in the pandemic.
The opposition was relentless in accusing Trudeau of calling an unnecessary early vote — two years before the deadline — for his own personal ambition.