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Cricket Australia

"I’ve made the conscious choice to avoid going to Australia vs India cricket matches for the last few years."
On Sunday, Siraj approached the umpire pointing towards the stands and the match was paused as police ejected six fans from the ground.
There's reports the tourists were unhappy at the prospect of re-entering strict quarantine for the fourth test in Brisbane.
Melbourne's Amritha Shakti sang India's national anthem at the Boxing Day match after being discovered on Instagram.
The experience of watching the game can't be untangled from exposing your child to alcohol ads.
Cricket Australia reduced the art of good negotiation to Ashes.
The ACA's arguments hit those of Cricket Australia for six.
The bitter pay dispute in Australian cricket has escalated further with the Australia A tour of South Africa officially cancelled
Australian cricketers will boycott an Australia A tour of South Africa unless Cricket Australia (CA) takes action within
We explain this messy fight in a few easily digestible points.
Pay is set to increase from $79,000 to $179,000 for top international players.
The Daryls of Australia are not impressed. Two out of every three Daryls believe they are being darylscriminated against
Just when you thought changes to the game of cricket were drastic enough -- hold on to your hat -- the women will have their
Before the first Olympic beach cricketers proudly stride out onto the sand, there will need to be a lot of meetings in the hallowed chesterfield-stuffed rooms of Lord's to nut out the details. In an exclusive for HuffPost Australia, a few of the rules of Olympic Beach Cricket have leaked under the door.
While fast bowler Jackson Bird says he would even support a change in the ball altogether with a change to the English manufacturer