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Should this guy have shared one of his two cake pops or nah?
The reality star told HuffPost she's faced racism in both her professional and personal life.
4. You can laugh at your own jokes and be assured you’re damn hilarious. 6. You are not contractually obliged to share your
2. Who would come off worse if people found out?  10. Do they have a partner outside of work?  6. How would you react if
Given the amount of time we all spend thinking about sex, we have to admit that the majority of that brainpower is dedicated
It might be a cliché, but the saying ‘once a cheater, always a cheater’ does seem to have evidence to back it up, as researchers
7. Accidentally matching outfits and telling everyone it is ‘their thing’.  8. Presuming that a social invitation automatically
Building a fort sounds *awesome*, actually. ⛺️
Just in case you thought you were guaranteed a kiss with your partner under the mistletoe, you might just want to put the