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PM backs U.S. as predecessors argue for a missile defence shield.
'We will have a closer collaboration with the police. It is already close. We want to make it closer.'
The PM is responding to the deadly 2014 Lindt Cafe siege in Sydney.
Singapore: Australia stands "ready to assist" the Philippines as government forces battle Islamic State-linked militants
There are plenty of calls for funding, but only so much to go around.
Australia is getting its own Air Force One – albeit a budget version. After years of deliberations and political hesitancy
The flying war robots are set to play a big part in future combat.
Effectively, through the current legislation, the Australian Government purports to give to these survivors with one hand and take away from them with the other. This leads to unfair outcomes for survivors and precludes them from seeking justice through the courts for the abuse they have suffered.
Capable, potent, agile. It's the new ethos of Australia's military, as laid out in the Turnbull government's first defence
An SAS Trooper who alleges he was illegally stripped of his rank and subjected to a six-year cover-up at the hands of Australian
British intelligence officials rank Australia as their best international security partner, Attorney-General George Brandis
The Federal Government looks likely to reject a United States request to send more military assets to the Middle East. US
You might think Harjit Sajjan takes a pretty mean combat gear photo, but Canada's new minister of national defence is some
The Defence Force has released a new video of Air Force aircraft destroying Islamic State (IS) targets in Iraq, showing devastating
Australia’s new Defence Minister is being touted as a potential stayer in the role who breaks with the tradition of putting