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Bored of your bog-standard scrambled eggs? Try these tips for a new take on breakfast.
When the white is set but the yolk is still creamy and spreadable, you've got the ideal combination of cooked egg qualities.
You know that handy egg rack on the door of your fridge? Yeah, don't use it. Storing your eggs in the fridge door will expose
Do we eat the chickens that lay our eggs? It’s not a dumb question to ask, and the answer might surprise you. Unless you’ve
Yes, they're recommended as part of a healthy and balanced diet.
There are many theories about the best way to make and peel hard-boiled eggs, but no matter which method you choose, you’ve
"we did not go through 300 MILLION YEARS OF EVOLUTION to have an egg just roll around on a f*cking plate"
The fossil was found nearly 25 years ago.
It's not a few chooks clucking around in green pastures.
From runny to hard yolks, here's your cheat sheet.
Boiling may be the easiest way you can deal with eggs. Poaching gets messy, frying may require the flip of a spatula, scrambled
We’re just going to say it: Poached eggs are a pain to make. Fried eggs are simple and scrambled eggs offer so many options
If you stick with what you know, good things will happen.
Just one more way to get your egg on.
Simple and good.
You got this.
Plus more crazy egg facts you should know.