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That "hope you're doing well" from work colleagues has become more personal during the COVID-19 pandemic.
It's one of the most secretly fraught words to use with co-workers.
President Donald Trump's eldest daughter said there was "no intent to circumvent" with her use of private email for government business.
The Queensland senator was cross-examined in the High Court.
People became hyper-aware of their e-ddiction.
Email makes you feel like you're productive, even when you're not.
The delivery method of a bygone era may be in for a comeback under Donald Trump.
Yer on the internet now, Harry.
FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Hundreds of millions of hacked usernames and passwords for email accounts and other websites are being
Ask anyone what they enjoy most about work, and there's a good chance it won't be emails. In the conversations I've had with many clients, emails (along with crappy meetings) are consistently identified as the biggest thing that gets in the way of great work.
UPDATE: Cory Bernardi has confirmed that he was behind an email to a Melbourne mum criticising LGBTI program Safe Schools
An email purportedly from conservative senator Cory Bernardi to a mother who supports the LGBTI support program Safe Schools
In the world of social niceties, email sign-offs are the Wild West. Anything goes; there are no established standards. One
I don't want to buy sunglasses from your online store. I don't want your jewellery, even with the 70 percent discount. I don't want to attend your shoe sale. I don't want to leave online reviews. You all say I am receiving your emails because I subscribed, but I did not. Please, UNSUBSCRIBE ME.
It doesn't matter if someone is Type A, an introvert, a highly sensitive person or a purple dinosaur: We all have email habits
Get ready for your life to feel a bit more like science fiction. Google announced Tuesday that its Inbox email service will
If your inbox is riddled with LinkedIn requests, Facebook notifications and unread newsletters -- not to mention all the