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When understood and used in the right way, your overthinking can be a strength instead of a weakness.
Being unhappy isn’t pleasant. For most of us, when we feel unhappy, we naturally want to push those thoughts away or move
Turns out your journey to happiness might start with getting angry, hostile or contemptuous.  Most science-backed shortcuts
It's a technique that's not easy, but I can promise you it works.
There are some healthy benefits of temporary sadness.
Let's face it, life throws us constant curveballs.
It’s the feeling (and sound) you make when you see something cute.
Emotion isn't just about crying. It is about the yelling and rage we see between men. It is about the name calling and grouping of mates.
If you’ve ever felt as though you caught a co-worker’s or family member’s mood, it probably wasn’t your imagination. Emotions
With a birthday coming up, I've been thinking about feelings. I have a lot of them. If there's anything I've learned in my
It's official -- December is here and with that the mad dash towards the close of the year and the many different holiday