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Experts explain why sex hurts for many people with endo and share tips to make it more pleasurable.
Four women share their experiences and advice for others facing surgery.
Endometriosis affects one in 10 women of reproductive age, but despite its prevalence, there’s still a lack of public awareness
For a disease that is found in one out of 10 women, I'm shocked that it's still such an unknown topic.
It takes seven years on average for a woman to be diagnosed.
The responses to our callout were overwhelming and heartbreaking, with many Tweeters pointing out that simply being a woman
The misdiagnosis. The myths. The operations. The hysterectomies. The lost opportunities. The cost. And the pain, the dreadful pain.
An Imgur user with endometriosis has penned a touching open letter to her husband to say “romance it not flowers and chocolates