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A top Justice Department corporate crime expert has quit, saying it’s impossible to hold suspected lawbreakers to standards
"We haven't inherited this planet from our parents, we've borrowed it from our children."
Never before in U.S. history have the president and his private business interests been so entangled with matters of public
No, this is not a 'Black Mirror' plot-line.
Parents would not stand for this in any other circumstance.
The new year has ushered in a tougher corporate tax regime in Luxembourg -- and a new round of court appearances for the
'It does appear that GSA is out of the loop on this.'
WASHINGTON ― President-elect Donald Trump announced Wednesday that he will not sell his global hotel chain, will continue
"The announced hearing schedule for several nominees who have not completed the ethics review process is of great concern to me."
Drain the ... womp womp!
Australia is constitutionally secular. A true 'No Religion' figure in this census will reaffirm that secular status. Those who framed the constitution were adamant that the nation needed a transparent separation of church and state. But in recent decades, federal parliaments have become increasingly Christianised.
It's one of the thorniest moral dilemmas in tech right now.
Ads for payday lenders will no longer appear in Google search results, thanks to an update to Google's AdWords policy that
Every time we accept the status quo of poor behavior, we are endorsing it. A strong leader should not only advise of behavior that is appropriate, they should embody it. They should be the person telling us that we don't tolerate bullying or harassment.