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The couple did not hold back during their two-hour chat with the veteran talk show host.
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are expecting their second child together.
The first lady told the talk show host that things happen for the best and that life will eventually “look better.”
"I had so wanted to be a part of this family. But how could they love me, a brown-skinned woman, if they believed lies that placed whiteness above all else?"
Australian author Scott Stuart's TikTok clip has over two million views.
"I finally remembered to shave both armpits so I guess I’m a trophy wife now."
The plaintiff hopes to be awarded $75,000 for the destroyed property.
"You could see the emotion on the judge’s face. She found a way to use existing laws to give us the first birth certificate of its kind anywhere.”
Drawing laughs with thousands and thousands of bespoke sandwich bags.
“I no longer have a next year with my dad, but you might with your parents or family members.”
"Every day is Prime Day when you’re married to my wife."
"Kids really overestimate how much parents want to guess things."
Pound the alarm: Nicki Minaj is officially a mum.
"I had no idea that so much of my married life would be spent rearranging the dishwasher."
The couple are expecting their first child in 2021.
"No one is as obnoxiously well-behaved as a child whose sibling is getting yelled at."
"People on Tinder are like, 'In town for my birthday weekend! Looking to catch Covid — and feelings 😉❤️'"
Many kids won't face a "normal" school year, so it's a great opportunity to tackle the false pink/blue divide.