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Jeanine Cummins' book has been lauded by Stephen King and Lauren Groff, but also lambasted as "problematic," "harmful" and "brownfacing."
The pair "will break new ground and boldly push Star Wars".
Bring on the new year and a new pile stacked with fresh reads.
"Two men kiss. Confetti. The moon rises, sets."
It is hard to ignore the presence and significance of family in fiction.
Sarah Jessica Parker has chosen a novel by an emerging Desi writer as the first title in her new partnership with the international
In this author’s humble opinion, the “Harry Potter” films do Hermione the most justice out of the starring trio. Maybe it
During a 2016 Comic Con panel, Marvel announced Roxane Gay’s “World of Wakanda,” the publisher’s first-ever series written
“Harry Potter” also did something both necessary, because of its length and massive fanbase, and risky, because it makes
“Eureka!” he exclaimed. He said Eureka!, and not something far worse, because long ago he’d made up his mind never to swear