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flight attendant

Terrified of coronavirus, flight crews balked at the instructions as an infringement on employees’ freedom of speech.
"All of these empty airports and empty planes breed an incredible amount of fear in everyone I’m working with. And then there is fear of the virus itself," writes Lori Light.
In a video, the man repeatedly jabs at the back of the seat. On Twitter, a debate ensued about airplane etiquette.
An Australian family’s altercation with a crew member led to the airline removing the group from the aircraft.
The American Airlines attendants were allegedly found carrying more than $22,000 in cash into the U.S. from Chile.
A New Zealand mum has shared her “humiliating” experience that left her in tears.
From pet peeves to rude flyers to on-edge September 2001 flights, Faye Lane shares her story of life as a flight attendant.
The man called the woman an “ugly black bastard,” yet Ryanair staff members let him keep his seat.