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Food & Drink

From cucumbers dipped in stevia to Cool Whip ice cream, these "recipes" are proof that you shouldn't rely on TikTok for diet advice.
We're talking rave reviews, only.
“We recognize that for transgender and non-binary drivers and delivery people, the name on their ID does not always reflect their true identity,” the company said.
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The co-owners of the historic nightspot said they felt it was important to stand up against corporations that "are trying to legalize discrimination."
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Whether you're looking for something easy or super fancy, these are the tools baristas recommend.
Spoiler: Cold brew is a type of iced coffee, but not all iced coffee is cold brew.
The Afro-Honduran baker gets candid about his heritage, being the target of racial slurs and his frustration with European baked goods.
Windows, doors, kitchens and air vents all can make a huge difference. Even if you're vaccinated, here's how to find the best place to sit.
Grilled, pan-fried, boiled, microwaved, oven-roasted ... here's every which way you can prepare the perfect frank.
A honing steel and a whetstone are not only the best tools for the job, but they're cheap. P.S.: Here's why you should never use an electric knife sharpener.
If these products don't get you cooking, we don't know what will.
The chef and owner of New York’s Fat Choy sees food as a way to unite cultures, not divide them.