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food industry

The National Chicken Council says speeding up processing won’t hurt birds. Others disagree.
Dove ultimately apologized, but Ogunyemi thinks the Unilever-owned brand should have also discussed their decision to include
You’d eat dirt if they promoted and packaged it well enough.
Before you grill up another burger to end a perfect summer day, you should know that if you got that ground beef from the
A million dollars isn't cool. You know what's cool? A billion dollars. Just ask George Clooney. The new dad, along with friends
Here's hoping he doesn't confuse this red button with any other red button.
After Christmas, Easter is the biggest time of year for ham. A look at the increased number of giant hams at the supermarket
A gym package is not listed as a benefit on the job posting, but applicants should still inquire. Mondelēz International
Nutrition studies might not be as accurate as you think.