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Funny Animals

It's been a tough year, but our animal friends have brought us joy throughout.
It’s the purr-fect way to put your coronavirus anxiety on paws.
She needed some coffee baaaaaaaaaad... and she’s not kidding. Police in Northern California responded to an unusual call
Some might argue that a photobomb “ruins” a perfectly good photo. We respectfully disagree. In fact, a well-executed photobomb
I could argue that any pet doesn't really belong to us. They are sentient beings, with mind and heart and agency, so to think of them as belongings, like a new car or computer, is to flirt with a slavery mentality.
So, furry friends, as you can see, we are pretty much indispensable in the garden. Look at all the garden shows on TV -- they all have dogs. Because humans would get this wrong without us.
Most people think I'm crazy hopping in the car and driving home for Christmas. Firstly, because home is two days of driving away -- across one territory and two states. And secondly, because my dog is my driving companion.
You think lions are born with with their roars fully formed? Come on, even lion cubs have to start their roar training sometime
This kid has a cat-tastrophe on his hands! Or so he thinks. A video shared on YouTube features a boy named Ryder from Cedar