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funny dogs

From dogs trying to dig in the sand at the beach, dogs getting their head stuck in the couch, to dogs sneaking food, these funny dogs are the best.
5. They also think your boss is being a total bitch. 10. They tolerate your shit.  7.  They won’t encourage you to make bad
Texas has been hit with some severe weather this week, leaving extensive damage in its wake. While reporting on the aftermath
If you thought "the dog ate my homework” was a bad excuse, check this out. A DUI suspect accused of leading deputies on a
No, you cannot eat the air, cutie pies. But we appreciate the attempt of whatever it is you're trying to do. This compilation
So, furry friends, as you can see, we are pretty much indispensable in the garden. Look at all the garden shows on TV -- they all have dogs. Because humans would get this wrong without us.
You will find me wrapped around your head. Especially when it's cold. It's really cool how your head gives off so much heat, by the way. You are awesome. I also do this to stop you hearing thunder, because thunder is scary.