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funny photography

This weeks photions include a walk of shame that can be heard but not seen, a celestial football fan not known for her discretion, and an art gallery you have to chase.
This week's three photions include a beefy grassland drug deal, a toilet cubicle with a height restriction and a watering hole for those who don't cairo 'bout a bit of sand...
This weeks three photions include some frozen traffic, a birthday that was bad, neigh, terrible, and an escape artist with an inflated opinion of herself.
This weeks three photions include when online shopping needs a break, a place where trespassers are welcome, and what happens when superheros go on holidays.
This weeks three photions include some inmates with nothing to do, a search for the ultimate vintage vessel and a suspicious paving stone.
This week's four photions include a give way sign that gave way, a swan getting jazzy, a music festival graveyard, plus the opportunity to create your own caption and win a competition.
This week's two photions include why not to trust travel guides or restaurant reviews, and why you should never complain when there aren't enough power points in the same room.
This week's three photions include road signs for aircraft, the medical profession where patients' habits rub off on practitioners, and the hurdles some hurdlers face.
This week's three photions include a sighting of Neptune (the god not the planet), proof that Apple has gone barking mad with their new iDog, and the facts about furniture.
This week's three photions include a digitally-altered Dad, a show about construction workers and a late-night liaison that hits the white spot.