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goods and services tax

With 2016 shaping up as the year of tax reform -- or an early election -- there's one taxing issue that has inexplicably
SYDNEY -- Competing agendas on tax are colouring the federal, state and territory treasurers meeting in Sydney, with GST
CANBERRA – Labor has confirmed it will hit smokers harder if elected, promising to raise an extra $47 billion over ten years
CANBERRA -- Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has declared the Labor Party is “resolutely” opposed to broadening or raising
CANBERRA -- Treasurer Scott Morrison insists there is no preferred model for tax reform in Australia as he outlined the Turnbull
CANBERRA – Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has declared fairness “absolutely critical” to future economic reform in Australia
CANBERRA -- Are you getting the feeling our politicians are again softening us up for something we probably won’t like very