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Great Barrier Reef

“What we need is for the temperature to stop rising," a scientist said, noting climate change remains the most urgent danger to the delicate ecosystems.
Last year’s oceanic heat wave wasn’t as destructive as one the year before, scientists said.
But advocates say it’s too soon to write off the reef.
Australia’s government has pledged hundreds of millions of dollars toward protecting the Great Barrier Reef, in what’s being
As you may have seen in Blue Planet 2, the Great Barrier Reef has an extraordinary ability to repair itself through a mass
Scientists are regrowing coral from larvae on damaged patches of the Great Barrier Reef in a project that could change the
It's all about four key seats near the proposed Carmichael Mine.
India's former environment minister has told Four Corners he is "absolutely appalled by what is happening".
Want to know exactly where it is? Sorry, it's still a secret.
The giant triton sea snail loves eating crown of thorns starfish.
Now you can experience via VR what only a few hundred people see each year.
No global shaming but UNESCO asks the Turnbull Government to do more for the reef.
It's bigger than Italy, and employs fifty times more people than Adani's planned Carmichael Coal Mine.
As mass bleaching continues to devastate large swathes of the Great Barrier Reef, scientists are fast losing hope that the
Time is running out to save the world’s imperiled coral reefs ― and humanity must enact sweeping changes if they’re to live
Back-to back bleaching events have given the Reef little chance to recover.
And researchers say it's due to climate change, not El Niño.
Repairing the damage in the national underwater park could cost $2 million.