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Hate Crime

Actors Daniel Dae Kim, Daniel Wu, Gemma Chan and Chris Pang want the public, authorities and the media to pay more attention to anti-Asian attacks related to COVID-19.
Gregory and Rachel Howell were caught on camera yelling "white lives matter" and giving a Nazi salute in Torrance, California, last month.
Althea Bernstein, who is biracial, was attacked by white men who poured lighter fluid on her and set her on fire earlier this month.
Amid a spike in hate crimes, Brits reveal what it’s like to be told to leave the country.
Milwaukee police arrested a 61-year-old man in what they are investigating as a hate crime.
Kyle Allen was booked on battery and hate crime charges in an assault on three Muslim women.
A new study shows anti-Muslim tweets from Liverpool fans dropped by half in the same period.
The avowed white supremacist was among three men convicted of dragging James Byrd Jr., a black man, to his death in a horrific hate crime.
Witnesses said they heard the driver “shouting anti-Islamic taunts” before swerving into a group of people, injuring three.