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heart attack

Loneliness should be regarded as a “legitimate health risk" in people who have a serious illness, according to a new study.
The idea that heart attacks only affect men impacts the treatment women receive, a charity has warned.
They're just as common as sudden heart attacks, one study suggests. But people aren't seeking urgent help.
The “Clerks” director, who suffered a major heart attack, recorded a hilarious and emotional Facebook Live.
There’s a reason you feel drained and queasy after a breakup: Heartbreak takes a physical toll on your body.  Unfortunately
If your nose looks like Rudolph’s after being out in the winter air ― or your cheeks, for that matter ― it’s likely because
A groundbreaking new experiment reveals that stents, which are mesh wire tubes inserted into narrow or weak arteries to widen
Jimmy Kimmelhas been going after Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-La.) for a health care plan that is likely to leave millions more people
Researchers have found a potentially “groundbreaking” way to trigger damaged heart cells into healing themselves, instead
A team of scientists and medical experts at Michigan State University have discovered a symptom that if found could be a